This week we are promoting the Red Ribbon Week national campaign to promote healthy and kind lifestyles. 

There was a great presentation led by Esteban Cepeda which kicked off our week. You can glimpse a picture on our school Facebook page.

Today, our OLS cheerleaders pumped us up during the Red Ribbon Week Pep Rally. The cheerleaders performed, taught us a cheer, and took charge of our first Spirit Stick Contest. Jr. High out-spirited the competition and won the Spirit Stick.

IMG_8976     IMG_copy 9012

We had very special guests–the Memorial High School Drum Line. They were amazingly talented and inspiring! We truly appreciate their time and talents!   


We look forward to the other presentations scheduled during the week. Thank you to all who come to our school.

Author: Ana A.

Photographer: Brittney H.

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