IMG_9124On October 28, 2015, three important people from our country set foot on our grounds. Marshal Briere, Marshal Allen, and Marshal in training, Garcia. They showed us a behind-the-scenes video on what being a US Marshal was like. They do not just stay in McAllen, Texas; they travel up to northern Texas, to the other side of our country, and even across the globe! It is not easy to have the honor to carry the silver badge; they go through an eighteen-week intense training in which they test their physical strength, their mental abilities, and their communication skills.IMG_9054

The program was founded in 1789, by the famous George Washington. At least 3,925 officials are the puzzle pieces of this organization. The US Marshals has collected over $2.4 billion on stolen property from criminals. They use those items to blend into communities if they ever need to be undercover.

IMG_9104The students also had the opportunity to ask some questions of Marshal Briere.

We truly thank the marshals for clearing time out of their busy schedule to come and talk to us.IMG_9101



Author: Karla G.

Pictures: Valeria C. & Ana A.

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