On October 28, 2015, a special officer came to our school, the K-9!

Officer Alanis is the trainer of the K-9. He hid a box which had the scent of antibiotics, and once the K-9 stepped foot on the gym, he started sniffing everything. With a sharp scent sense, he found the box, but he did not sit down! Since he is in training, he did not know that he needs to sit down when he finds the drugs. Officer Alanis, would not give him the prize until he sat down. Once the smart dog figured that if he wanted to play with the ball, he needed to sit down, he sat.



Ms. Mendoza gave us an impressive speech about how drugs affect our system and why we should avoid them. She stated how consuming drugs has ripple affects and how we drag our families and people we care about into the mess.


Author: Karla G.

Pictures: Karla G. & Miguel Angel G.

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